Our Wellness Partners

Julanne Tutty, LMT

Good day, my new Yoga Sakti friends. My name is Julanne Tutty. I’m an Orthopedic massage therapist, nutritional coach, and Infrared Light Specialist. I have been operating out of Salem, Beverly, Marblehead, and Swampscott for 14 years. I have over 15,000 hours of hands of experience, and I have loved every minute of it.  With this upcoming new year I hope to consolidate all of my practices into one convenient location. Let me describe to you some of the great new modalities that I’ll be bringing to Yoga Sakti:

  • Orthopedic Massage. It is specialty within a specialty. While it is in the category of medical massage it is so much more. It features nerve floss training. This helps nerves with Impingement syndromes and  allows them to return them to their pre-injured states. Also, there is a strong emphasis on treating joint capsules and restoring ligament integrity. I also use lava stones with my treatments. Using lava stone heat brings the bodies healing abilities to a new level.
  • Infrared lights and lasers. They are the new modern wave of pain relief and rehabilitation technology. The lights I use have been approved by the FDA for partially reversing types of neuropathy, and clinically proven pain relief. How does infrared light work?  It uses our own physiology, a process called photobiomodulation (BPM). This is based on the premise that our skin, muscles, bones and joints have photo receptors similar to the chlorophyll in plants that allows photosynthesis or the ability to absorb energy from light and use it for regeneration.
  • Thiai-Yoga Massage. This is often considered the original  Eastern Medical Massage, it originated in Thailand. It is performed on a mat with the client wearing loose comfortable clothing. Like traditional yoga, emphasis is put on meditation, breathing, and gently articulating joints to improve health. Because Thai-Yoga massage sessions tends to be longer sessions, deeper and more focused massage can be done. Many sacral-cranial principles are used here and Chi energy is circulated as well, stimulating many Sen energy lines. These are thought to be the precursor to the Meridian lines and acupressure points. Most clients find these sessions very emotionally releasing as well as gaining improvements in range of motion.

These modalities, And many more will be expanded on in the upcoming new year where we all hopefully can make a renewed commitment to better movement, better health, and better well-being. I look forward to bringing you the very best that I have to offer. Reach out to book with me for January!

Call or Text to book: 617-257-2352

Energy Balancing

Heather Tharpe

Experience the unlimited benefits of private Energy Balancing. Simply rest and breathe with the support of blankets & bolsters during this guided meditation. Pairing mindful breathing with personalized Aromatherapy, Heather uses diamonds & other precious stones to clear the Energy Sites along the spine, also known as the Chakras.  


Dietician, Weight Loss Specialist

Cheryl Swansburg, RD, MS, LWLC, ACE, RYT-200

Cheryl helps her clients achieve their weight loss goals and feel great by taking a holistic approach to improving health.

In addition to being the owner of Yogasakti and co-owner of Treetop Yoga studio, she is an ACE-certified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Weight Management Consultant specializing in lifestyle change and weight loss. Cheryl has worked clinically and privately for over 30 years as a dietician. She is also a Certified Ixcela Pro who is trained on how to use gut microbiome testing data to customize wellness programs.

Her broad knowledge and years of training provide a unique foundation for the creation of tailored fitness programs that promote balance, strength, flexibility, and powerful mind and body connection. Her years of inter-disciplinary training provide the foundation for precise alignment and proper modification for existing injuries and individual goals. Her fusion-style programs and creative use of studio equipment result in long, lean muscles, core strength, and sustainable, healthy lifestyles.

Because of her holistic approach to health, Cheryl begins her weight loss programs with clients using an Ixcela assessment. This tool will measure the performance of your gut microbiome to provide data on specific foods and lifestyle recommendations your body needs—eliminating the guesswork of where to start. She will then use that data to build a highly customized program around your needs to help you achieve your goals.

Learn more about the Ixcela assessment at http://go.ixcela.com/enroll. Use Cheryl's Ixcela Pro Code (MA33QGXK) to access special pricing.

Some more information on health and gut:

The immunity and gut health webinar recording: http://go.ixcela.com/webinar-recording-b2c-immunity (this is also linked on this page in the first paragraph). Access to

Ixcela’s science page: https://ixcela.com/innovative-science/ (this is also linked on this page at the very bottom about Ixcela).