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Foundations of Yoga

Sunday, January 5, 2020

1:00 pm


2:30 pm

Annakathryn Carlson
Benefits of this Workshop
Foundational Postures
Functional Alignment
All Levels

Expand your confidence, knowledge and awareness through the study of foundational yoga postures. Through this 4 part series you will gain a solid understanding of common poses such downward dog, forward fold, cobra and upward dog, warrior poses and more. We will apply functional alignment and work with the kinematic rhythms of the body to create stable, grounded and beneficial yoga postures. Be empowered by learning about your own body and how to modify and adjust with in each posture to better serve yourself. This series who for anyone who desires to learn, for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Anna has been a dedicated student of yoga for 17 years and a teacher for 10. Her passion and commitment to the practice is apparent by the depth and integrity of her teaching.  Forever a student, Anna has studied in depth with many different schools of yoga as well as non-yoga modalities.  She draws on her creativity and broad experience to compose classes that meld form and intuitive flow. Her precise alignment cueing and intelligent sequencing offer a therapeutic and balanced practice to guide each practitioner to their fullest potential.  Anna gently asks that her students be aware, intentional, curious, dedicated and open. She lead yoga teacher trainings, workshops and retreats at home and abroad. Learn more about Anna at www.annakyoga.com