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Drumming Circle for Rhythm Healing

Friday, July 8, 2022

7:30 pm


8:00 pm

Ali Janavaris
Benefits of this Workshop

This workshop provides a place to connect to one another through the sacred and ancient art of rhythm healing. Join Ali Janavaris, Dominic Castellano, and Katelyn O’Donnell to gather and explore the mind-body-spirit benefits of drumming in a community-based setting. Meditation, gentle movements, and some chanting will be offered. All are welcome! ABSOLUTELY NO prior experience in drumming is necessary to attend. Percussive instruments are provided, and you are also welcome to bring your own! Come create a ripple affect of hope, love, and healing for unity and a celebration of living! Sage, incense, and/or palo santo will be lit when arriving and throughout the practice. We can’t wait to collaborate with you, you beautiful souls!

Dominic’s Bio:

Dominic Castellano is a traveling musician and multi instrumentalist. He started drumming at the age of 4. He has been part of creating countless drum circles, drumming festivals and cultural holiday celebrations for over 25 years. He has studied drumming facilitation in the ways to create true community involvement through our inner rhythms, and believes in the moment and breath. He also believes that we all have a different heartbeat and together we can beat as one in unity.  He is a singer-songwriter and composer. Dominic has traveled studying ancient plant medicine and music from different indigenous shamans in north and South America, and has a deep connection to the earth and all living things. Dominic has helped many people, volunteering his time to food banks, wildlife rescue, HIV awareness outreach programs for hundreds of college students. He is a homeless and non-bulling advocate and has volunteered numerous hours making a difference. He truly believes in helping all living things from suffering through empathy, music, dance, and the support of community. Dominic welcomes you to joinus for an unforgettable celebration of drumming, community, and YOU.

Katelyn’s Bio:

Katelyn O’Donnell is a kindergarten teacher at Glen Urquhart School and recent graduate of Endicott College with her M.Ed in Moderate Disabilities. She is also a musician, writer, and artist when she is not teaching. Katelyn also enjoys yoga and meditation, which is what brought her to begin taking classes at Yoga Sakti. During her time in college, she was a founding member of the Endicott College Percussion Ensemble. This group collaborated with the Endicott Dance Ensemble to create a performance in which dance and percussion shared the stage, intertwining through music, movement, and poetry. Katelyn is so excited to collaborate with Ali and Dominic to welcome you to a brave space for exploring creativity and expression, making connections with others, and healing through music.
Ali’s Bio:

Ali Janavaris is a Kripalu certified yoga teacher. She teaches restorative yoga at Yoga Sakti, and is very passionate about combining the arts with yoga and meditation practices! When she is not teaching, she is painting, writing songs, and making jewelry! She loves to help people access their innate creativity through channeling the water element- through being more in the flow! Ali welcomes you to this evening of connection, creativity, and love! Let’s jam :)