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Why is rowing the 2020 GO TO CLASS?

Cheryl Swansburg
Published On
February 8, 2020

Why is rowing the 2020 GO TO CLASS?

Rowing strengthens muscles, is aerobic-boosting and burns fat!

Here are some benefits of adding rowing to your workout.

*If you're aiming for Sustainable Fat Burn, rowing allows you to raise your heart rate more times in a week without getting as sore.

*Focuses on Abs and Glutes

*Improves posture

*Tones legs

*Quicker Results  Because your body is really being challenged, you'll actually see a difference faster.

*A great balance to bodyweight workouts

*You only need 15 minutes

Short on time? A quarter of an hour is all you need. Make sure you are working consistently at about 80% of you maximum intensity over the course of those 15 minutes for fat burning results. Or if you are looking to burn calories, like a tabata style workout where you pair rounds of mat work with 100% max effort rowing with 10 seconds of rest for the entire 15 minutes. No excuses.

*You can work at the highest intensity you like, with    the lowest impact on your body,’

Also included is *Mental Health

The rhythm of the strokes is what makes it really good for your wellbeing.

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