What is Energy Balancing & Diamond Meditation?

Heather Tharpe, a Senior Yoga Instructor and Intuitive Life Guide
Published On
April 19, 2016

Imagine you have two highways from your crown to your tail bone, running north & south within you. Along the highway are seven rotaries or traffic circles. These are your Energy Centers, known in the yoga community as your Chakras. When one of the centers or traffic circles within you are blocked, we experience “Energetic Gridlock”. During an Energy Balancing & Diamond Meditation workshop we activate, align and clear the seven energy sites. This is done using “The Power of Three” - Personalized Aromatherapy, Yin Yoga, and Diamond Meditation. 

Personalized Aromatherapy - The sense of smell is said to be the strongest of our five senses, and to be able to bring up the most memories. During an Energy Balancing & Diamond Meditation workshop, I use seven different blends of pure essential oils. These blends are formulated to assist you in dissolving the layers of spiritual scar tissue, associated with each of the seven energy sites. As an Intuitive, I listen to hear what essential oils are right for your personal needs.

Yin Yoga - Think of the layers of your muscles like the buttery layers of a croissant. We “butter” the space between the layers of our muscles with the memories and moments of the past.  We practice Yin Yoga to gently stretch the denser tissue and open the muscular layers within us. This allows you to the opportunity to release the old patterns, the negative memories and begin to break up the “Gridlock” within.  

Diamond Meditation - The perfect trifecta. This begins with simple mindful breathing. As you rest in a restorative position, I ask you to listen to the pause in between each breath, tap into your imagination and simply let my words guide you to the place you need to be. I then gently place diamonds and other healing crystals along each of the energy sites, while you visualize and breathe. These precious stones are used to draw out any negative energy, hurdles or obstacles, so that, the energetic highway within you may flow with ease. Gridlock gone. 

Imagine what would happen to your car if you never changed the oil? The same could be said about clearing our Energy Centers, or Chakras. If you have never balanced the energy within you... chances are you're driving through life with one or two tires in the gutter. 

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