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What exactly is the gut microbiome?

Cheryl Swansburg
Published On
May 4, 2020

What exactly is the gut microbiome?

The gut microbiome is everything from your mouth to your colon—entry to exit— and everything that lives in your digestive tract-  bacteria, viruses, fungi, and cells. Diversity is key.

Did you know that your gut is directly connected to your brain?  Does this give you an idea of how crucial your gut microbe is too good health and cognitive functioning?

Testing your gut provides critical insight into how your lifestyle choices and habits are affecting your internal health.

Everyone is different with different lifestyles, food choices, sleeping patterns, and stress levels. By knowing your own microbiome you can change your life!

But the type of data about your gut matters.

The Ixcela test uses a pinprick of blood (about the size of a quarter) to measure how well the bacteria in your gut are performing their jobs and creating the various chemicals your body needs. Ixcela is looking at small compounds in the blood called metabolites.

Unfortunately, stool tests only assess what comes out. DNA tests only show what your body is predisposed to based on your genes. The Ixcela gut microbiome test takes a snapshot of your gut's current performance and then provides specific nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations for how to improve it.

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