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Weight Training, "The Key to Aging Well"

Alison Blake
Published On
May 24, 2016

Many, many years ago my boyfriend at the time took me to his gym. It was a huge place that had one room with lots of nautilus machines, and another larger room with nothing but iron dumbbells and barbells. It seemed that for the most part all of the women gym members flocked to the side that had the machines, and most of the men went over to the other side. This other side was a bit intimidating I have to admit, but for some reason I really wanted to be there. I knew I couldn't go without knowing what I was doing first or I would look ridiculous. So I asked my boyfriend to show me the ropes. I fell in love with weight lifting! I was 20 years old and already pretty lean so I saw results quickly. My muscles rounded out nicely and I actually developed abs I could see.

Let's fast forward a bit. 

Many years later I am a certified personal trainer, and helping lots of people learn how to use the gym, get a good workout, and build muscle. I have 3 children and I am feeling strong! At age 40 I decide to challenge myself.  My youngest has just turned 1 and I decide to enter a fitness competition. I learn how to tweak my diet so that I keep all my hard won muscle and lose the unwanted fat. I am running daily, lifting, and dieting. It isn't easy but I make it to contest day. I place 1st in my age group and I win the overall. Life is good!

Okay, here's the rub. Some lucky people age well. 

Biomechanically some bodies perform well and stay injury free allowing them to continue running into their 50"s, 60's, even 70's. That didn't happen for me. The next decade brought on a series of problems and subsequent surgeries. I won't bore you with the details but I slowly had to give up some things. Running was one of those things. That was a tough one, however after a time I realize that there are lots of ways to burn fat and get a cardio workout without  running. I decided that to age without bitterness you can't focus on what you lose, but to stay focused on what you still have. I discovered the trx and the spin bike! What an amazing combo! We need strong bodies to handle all that life throws at us, especially as we age. My passion for fitness has helped me through some tough times.  I now have to work around my injuries and know my limitations. I think going through 3 surgeries in two years has actually made me a better trainer. I can better modify exercises and empathize with other peoples limitations. We all have the ability to change our bodies through weight training. Consistency and knowledge bring results. 

Please join me in class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Let me help you perfect your form and make gains in the muscle building department. Regardless of your current level or knowledge base this is a class for everyone. Exercising in a group provides support and camaraderie, both of which enhance your experience and set you up for success.

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