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Nadine Hanscom, spinning instructor
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April 19, 2016

Spinning is a passion for me, I fell in love with indoor cycling after having my second child 12 years ago. With not a lot of time to myself and the need to get the baby weight off, I took my first spin class and was hooked. Yes, spinning is hard with non-stop pedaling on different resistance levels, but I found if you can just get through those first few classes, you are on your way to better health. Not only did I have more energy, I saw my body looking better on the outside and I knew that my was heart was getting stronger with each pedal stroke. Once I became an avid rider, I decided to join in the fun and I got my spin teaching certification. I have been teaching spin classes for 10 years and my passion only grows stronger.

Spinning is a full body experience; sculpting and toning the legs, glutes, core and arms while also providing great cardiovascular benefits. My playlist is always a top priority, bringing fun, upbeat, current music to a room full of riders. We climb, jog, sprint, tap back, crunch and lift our way through the ride. Group spinning builds a community of riders that inspire each other every class. I instruct them to “close your eyes and let the music transport you to your happy zone”. 

I love when a new rider comes to class and leaves sweating, but telling me they had so much fun and the 45 minutes flew by. It is gratifying as an instructor to see the new rider continuing to ride and become part of the cycling community. So come ride with us and see what fun it is to spin & sweat your way to good health at Nadine Hanscom, spinning instructor

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