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The Benefits of Yoga for Mesothelioma Patients

Virgil Anderson
Published On
January 27, 2017

Individuals who develop mesothelioma will need to undergo rigorous treatments in order to fight back against the often deadly illness. Mesothelioma cancer affects the interior protective lining of the lungs, and it can spread across the entire organ if treatment plans are not prepared immediately. The illness can cause inflammation and extensive DNA damage, and patients may need to supplement treatments with additional lifestyle changes in order to improve their overall prognosis. Because of how difficult treatments are, many patients may feel fatigued and stressed during their recovery period. Fortunately, yoga can be a tremendous step in the right direction.

One health benefit the exercise system can offer cancer patients is the opportunity to lower their fatigue. Fatigue is a common side effect from chemotherapy treatments, and because patients typically lose their appetites, it can be difficult for individuals to feel as though they have energy to pursue other activities. Studies show that performing the stretches relatively regularly can allow individuals to experience higher energy levels and lower fatigue overall. The more the patient engages in their routine, the better they feel at the conclusion of the week. 

The exercise is also an excellent way to reduce stress. Not only do patients typically feel stress from the toll the treatments take on their bodies, but it is also difficult to not feel stressed when first given the news of the diagnosis. Many may feel uncertain about the future and afraid of how they will progress through treatments. Such stressful thinking only serves to slow down recovery times and make it more difficult for individuals to feel better. With yoga, patients have the chance to feel better about their prognosis through careful deep breathing and endorphin-release.

By performing the necessary stretches and exercises, it can be easy for individuals to improve the actual functions in their body. Any type of exercise can optimize the metabolism and improve nutrient absorption, but the stretching motions are particularly advantageous because of how easy they can be to perform for those who have limited mobility. It can be a gentle way for individuals to stay more active and limber, which in turn can give them the strength they need to feel better in the future.

Individuals who exercise more, especially at a pace that they can keep up with, can enjoy better sleep. The combination of the physical exertion and the relief from mental stress makes it easy for patients to fall asleep during a stressful time. When the patient gets enough sleep, every other function has the opportunity to recover and feel better. Sleeping better plays a critical role in improving the individual's rate of recovery after intensive chemotherapy.

Studies also show that those who exercise comfortably can also experience a lower overall risk of cancer recurrence. As individuals reduce their body fat density, they can improve their health to the point where their bodies are ready to fight against cancer before the condition has a chance to take hold. It can be one of the best ways to move forward and live a healthy life.


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