Yoga Immersion and Teacher training coming this fall

Marc St Pierre
Published On
July 22, 2018

The Perfect Relationship

Do you notice that you always feel better after Yoga?

Yoga enables a most wonderful, if not perfect, relationship. For example-give to your practice and your gain is tenfold, sometimes even more. A happier body, a more vibrant heart, and a peaceful mind, who else can you spend time with receive such benefit?!

If you love yoga (and Yoga seems to love you,) why not delve deeper to reveal its hidden treasures? A Yoga Immersion is the encompassing process to truly embrace your love for Yoga more fully. Our Master Teacher,Marc St Pierre, is offering a Yoga Immersion this Fall. 

This is a joyous, transformative and profound journey into the heart of the Yoga practice. Expand your perspective, your knowledge, and your skill. If you are inspired, you may continue on to take the Teacher Training Practicum.

Marc leads trainings locally and internationally. His work as a Teacher of the highest caliber is renown.This will be a fun and deep journey of the perfect relationship- a more centered and self-possessed and liberated you.

Expand your practice and join us this fall.

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