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Sun Protection Survey Results

Harry DeMonaco
Published On
October 16, 2019

Sun Protection Survey Results Yoga Sakti 

The actual results are noted below. Here is our preliminary interpretation: 

Overall, the survey respondents demonstrated a high degree of understanding of the issues related to sun protection of children. 

• All deemed sun protection to be important or extremely important. 

• The majority of children have either fair or darker white skin. 

• All used sunscreens/sunblockers and/or SPF clothing/hats with a minority reporting to sun avoidance during peak times of the day. 

• Most considered sun exposure a risk throughout the year. 

• Concern about later risk of skin cancer was a dominant reason for sun protection. 

• There was a bimodal distribution of difficulty in getting children’s cooperation in sun protection. About half noted difficulty and half noted no issues. 

• Sixty percent of the respondents noted maternal self protection similar to that taken for their children. 

• Most felt confident in their ability to protect their children from sun damage but a significant minority did not. 

• The biggest challenges noted in dealing with sun protection are getting the cooperation of the child, the need for reapplication. The quality of available sunscreens/sunblockers was also noted. 

• Most respondents use a zinc/titanium based sunblocker or a combination product including chemical sunscreens. 

• The safety of available sunscreens/sunblockers is an issue for most with the need for reapplication also noted. 

• The age and income distribution of respondents was what would be expected and mirrors that of yoga studios. 

One of the respondents noted the value of the Environmental Working Group list of best sunscreens/sunblockers. The value of this site is the standardized approach to testing along with a valuable list of validated products. Consumer Reports also has useful information about sunscreens/sunblockers for kids. 

We will be using these preliminary results for a subsequent survey with a larger population. Again, thank you for helping us with this project. 

Harry DeMonaco Visiting Scientist, Sloan School of Management, MIT 

Sun Protection Survey Results Yoga Sakti 

There was a total of 20 responses to this question. They break down into three main themes: 

1. Getting the cooperation of the child in sunscreen/sunblock application -7 responses

2. Reapplication of sunscreen/sunblock -9 responses

3. Quality of available sunscreen/sunblocks -2 responses 

Part 2 

There was a total of 20 responses to this question. They break down into four main themes:

1. Safety of the ingredients -10 responses

2. Coverage and protection -4 responses

3. Expense -1 response

4. No concerns -5 responses 

Questions 3-4-5-6 were related to the use of homemade sunscreen/sunblockers. None of the responses indicated the use of homemade products

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