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SpinPower® Reach Your Goals!

Michael Pizza
Published On
December 17, 2017

I have been teaching spinning for a while, and I am always looking for a new way to amp up my spinning class, when I was introduced to SpinPower® I was immediately hooked. Getting on a blade ion and looking down at your actual watt output during class pushes you more.

When riders ask, “how many calories can I burn during Spinning® class?” as a SpinPower® Instructor, you’re not guessing anymore. You can give a precise calculation by using watts as an accurate measurement and then put it into simplest terms to create a solid plan for your riders to reach their goals for weight loss, endurance and performance.

As you climb those hills, you will see your watts increase to 150 or more depending on your gear setting and cadence. As we climb, I might instruct you to push another 30-50 watts for 30 seconds as you climb and have you slowly decrease and go back down to a flat or a seated flat.

By taking a SpinPower® class, you can record your watts and as you get stronger you can push past those boundaries and have a visual representation of you crushing those goals and getting stronger as we work together for one goal, burning calories, enjoying the ride and working as one.

I challenge you to step into one of my hour SpinPower® classes and lets sweat together for one ride, I can promise you will be hooked.

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