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Sakti Tri -Run, Yoga & Beer Tasting with ZeLUS

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September 20, 2017

The Thirst-Quenching Beer For Your Active Lifestyle

ZēLUS Beer was designed specifically for your active lifestyle. Our patent-pending brewing process creates a new type of beer that quenches your thirst with electrolytes - so toasting your PR won’t impede recovery. At ZēLUS, we carefully identify beer styles, develop recipes, adjust water profiles, and keep alcohol content low to produce one of the most hydration-friendly beers (that’s also incredibly tasty!). Named after Zelus, the Greek spirit of contest and rivalry, our craft beer was created for you to enjoy after your zealous endeavors.

​ZēLUS is pronounced zee-luhs.

Learn more about Zelus Beer Company https://www.zelusbeer.com/beers

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