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Organic Spray Tans The Way To Go

Leah Goodman
Published On
September 23, 2016

YogaSakti is thrilled to welcome Leah Goodman Skincare to our Wellness offerings.  You may know Leah from one of her fitness classes or you may have joined her for a paddle at SUP East Coast Style, but did you also know that she is an Aesthetician that has practiced all over from the east to west coast?  Leah’s Skincare offer facials, massage, waxing, spray tanning and botox.  Check out her website at

One of her specialities is offering organic spray tanning.  Read her blog about this popular service!


Spray tanning is one of my most popular services. I have been spray tanning my entire skincare career and was the head educator, trainer and consultant for Aviva Labs spray tanning for 5 years. Spray tanning has come along way over the years and I have worked with a lot of bad product and good product. Aviva is by far one of the best products I have worked with and it's organic. The color is fantastic and the line allows me to custom the color to your skin tone or the look you want to achieve. This line is also amazing because of your processing time. What does that mean? This means I have all different lines to allow you to shower off sooner or later depending on your needs and lifestyle. You can rinse off as soon as 30 minutes, a few hours, 8 hours or just sleep in it!  The options are fantastic! 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to spray tanning. You can keep a natural glow all year long, or keep your tan all year long! If your anything like me, the darker the better! I love the look of being a mermaid all year long — but that's just me! I have options for everyone, glow, tan, light, dark, fitness competition, you name it I'll spray it!

Spray tans are the perfect accessory to everyday life and leave the skin feeling and looking flawless.  They can also give you that extra boost of confidence! Fill in your brow, put on a little mascara and a lip and your ready to take on the world! It also helps with what I call “seasonal bummieness"... aka SAD (seasonal depression). Spray Tans are the quick and easy solution to feel and look your best…or just give you that quick fix pick me up you have been looking for.  And the best part, it only takes about ten minutes!!!

Check out my website for pricing and special offers.  As a special offer to YogaSakti members, single visit spray tan $25, two month unlimited spray tan membership $75.  I look forward to seeing you soon!


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