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Colin Bragdon
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October 19, 2018

In today's world we have a lot coming at us. Yes, at times this can feel like all too much. That said, we always have a choice: we can fight to stay in place, or we can go with the current. This is also true about your spiritual elevation. There are many techniques available to help us during hectic life periods, when we are in most need of clarity. But when life feels overwhelming, the last thing you may want to do is making yet another choice: choosing between a multitude of meditative practices.

The key is to approach meditation at first as a binary: do, or do not. Later, you can deepen your practice by adding specialized techniques.

At first, thinking about making a choice between a multitude of meditations might lead to confusion. For a beginning meditator, it might feel downright intimidating. But this is not the case over time. With practice, knowing what method to choose will bring you deeper and a more experienced Being State.

When you are ready, I recommend that you take a wide sampling when seeking out the right practice for you. Don’t head into the trap of thinking you need to totally master one practice. That practice might not be right for the time and it maybe not actually helping you with what you need. Little by little, with breathing, noting, and even sublimation, you will begin to piece a foundation together to further your life.

So how do you get the most out of your practice? First off, it’s a good idea to be part of a meditation group which sits regularly. Support from like-minded people is necessary as you start to carve out your own personal practice and KEEP that practice. It’s common for people who develop a practice to slowly let it go because they have no one to encourage them and guide them further. At this stage, seeking a Samadhi practitioner would be ideal. A Samadhi practitioner is someone who has practiced to the point of experiencing high states of consciousness. A meditation fellow like this can be a guide and help to further you in the right direction. It is often said that three years of practicing with these teachers is a good length of time to achieve noticeable Pinnacle States. Remember three years is not going to seem long to you. Plus, it’s the number three and what a great number this is!

Please not be shy and not ask for support in the meditation world. We are all here heading into oneness some may have more of it for you and others may not. Although knowing the difference is just the process of finding what's best for you.


Colin Bragdon

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