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Kelly Gerard
Published On
October 6, 2016

I love running.  I love racing.  I’m not a crazy long distance runner (don’t worry, crazy is a compliment to runners) but a 5 or 10k will pull me out of bed early on a Saturday morning.  I’m the friend you get a text from saying “We need to try this race!” What’s even more fun is the excuse to travel for a race.  

A few months ago I was planning my upcoming summer races.  I had all the usual websites open – Running in the USA, CoolRunning, and a local race calendar.  Bless Running in the USA, I love what they are trying to do. They’re trying to provide all the races in the country.  For that, I appreciate them.  However, they are as dated as seeing someone with the Monica haircut from Friends.  Have you ever tried using them on your mobile device?  Of course not!  Impossible.  Same goes for CoolRunning.

That’s when, BING, the light went off!  How can we bring finding races into this millennium?  How can we create a platform for runners so they can connect with one another without being the insufferable Facebook poster?

That’s how Kukimbe was born. t (pronounced Koo-KIM-Bee) is the Kenyan word for runner.  It’s also name of the super cool new app that just launched.  Kukimbe puts racing at your fingertips.  Just like Tinder uses geo-location to find you a date, Kukimbe uses geo-location to find you a race.  Don’t worry about swiping right here. 

Find and bookmark your races.  Going on a trip? No problem, search anywhere in the country.  Kukimbe provides a comprehensive list of all races – 5k, marathon, ultra, obstacle, triathlon.  It’s covered.  One click for registration.  Add to your calendar and share with your crew.   

What’s even cooler is this app is absolutely FREE on the App Store!  So what are you waiting for?  Give it a whirl and Find Your Race. 

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