Is Your Yoga Mat the Only Place You Are Present?

Kimberely Ballard
Published On
September 29, 2016

While pumping gas the other day, I noticed that there was a digital screen above the pump that was broadcasting entertainment ‘news.’ These screens have been around for quite awhile but I gravitate more to full service gas stations so I hadn’t really taken note of the need to be entertained while pumping my gas.

What I did notice, and what I’m sure we all have been noticing for some time, is that there is so little time to truly be in the moment without the distraction of a screen of some sort –your phone, your computer, even your appliances have screens demanding your attention. 

Sometimes while driving, I have to stop myself from checking my messages while at a red light. It seems I am conditioned to be uncomfortable with not being attached to my device for even short periods of time and have grown accustomed to the constant stimulation. If you take public transportation, no one is gazing out the window or seemingly lost in thought. We have abandoned the art being present in the world around us in favor of whatever is playing out on our screens. I fear the price is a lost our connection to the world as well as ourselves.

One of the few times I can check out from the digital world and check into what’s happening on a deeper level is through my yoga practice. Listening to my breath, gently noticing my thoughts in an effort to calm the chatter, and really taking note of what’s happening in my body is refreshing and rejuvenating. Those few moments each day have become sacred and show me all that I am missing by not being present and aware more often in my life. 

What am I missing from nature, my relationships, and my community by checking out while I check into Facebook?

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