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I love vibrant colors

Kerry Jones
Published On
September 16, 2017

Here’s why they’re so cool.  Chakras, the power houses of the energetic body, vibrate at frequencies that we perceive as the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and

violet.  Each color resonates with the corresponding seven chakras in ascending order. These colors bring connection, focus, and expansion to the purpose of each chakra.  Color is 

a simple link to the energetic body.  It is easier to create, do and be when you are working with and in the chakra system. Harness the power of your energetic body through color.

Color can be on you: clothing, makeup, jewelry or talisman. Color can be around you: furniture, fabric, paint, plants or art. The choices are endless.

I am wearing an orange sweater to boost my creativity while writing this post.  The orange, sacral chakra is the center of creativity.  The second chakra is also the center for 

sexuality so if you have a hot date, put on some orange underwear!  For an important meeting, try wearing blue to aid in communication.  Bring more love and compassion to a 

family gathering by wearing green.  If you’re asking for a promotion at work, yellow will help you to stand in your power.  Do you have a big decision to make?  Connect with indigo 

to heighten your intuition or knowing. Moving to a new home, school or job?  Let red ground you into feeling

more safe and secure.  Gain greater connection to your spirituality by bringing more indigo into your life.

We wear colors unconsciously and consciously.  Pay attention to the color that is calling out to you.  Put it on and just observe the events of your day.  I bet that color and its 

equivalent chakra were helpful.  Often, I head to closet with a specific piece of clothing in mind but it just doesn’t feel right.  Usually, it is the color.  I change into the color that

makes me feel good.  It is always the perfect color to support me on that particular day.  Don’t ignore your feelings and knowing.  Let your insight guide you.

Be colorful!  Brighter colors have higher vibrations.  Higher vibrations are more powerful.  They raise your vibration.  Use them to connect to your chakras and create more ease and 

flow in your life! Colors are fun.  As an intuitive advisor and vibrational energy healer, I love identifying the colors that will help move you forward in life and resonate with your soul.


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