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How can you go without blowing your diet?

Laura Goldstein
Published On
August 20, 2018

Socialize without having to jeopardize? 

Many often feel as though they can’t attend social events while trying to “diet “, but this doesn’t have to be the case! 

Here are some suggestions to stay on track while you’re following a certain way of eating to obtain your physique goals, whether its to lose weight, build muscle, heal your gut or even just to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s summer time and social gatherings are a common occurrence that you SHOULD partake in. 

How can you go without blowing your diet?

 -Bring a family sized portion of one of your favorite meals you’re currently having.  If others dig in, great! If not, you have a healthy option and leftovers for the week!

- Eat before so you’re not ravenous, showing up starving can lead to indulging, you’re better off having a small portion of an irregular item than a 5 course meal of it.

- People love to pick, bring a bunch of raw veggies with healthy dipping options such as a homemade Greek yogurt/avocado dip. 

- It’s summer, think of what’s in season for produce. Fresh fruit pleases all palettes , some natural sugar in moderation is GOOD for you!

- Take advantage of grilling season! Grilling is one of the best ways to prepare your food with plenty of flavor and no additional calories. Bring some raw protein for them to grill for you.

Looking for meal ideas for the whole family to make everyone be on board with a healthy lifestyle? School will be starting shortly, let me help you select healthy foods for yourself and your family without needing to make separate meals for everyone! 

Join me Friday September 14th at 7pm for my “Healthy Eating For The Whole Home” workshop! 

I hope to see you there!NASM Nutritionist Laura Goldstein

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