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Free Your Mind: Be Still and Rewire with Meditation and Holistic Approaches

Mandy Lubas OTR/L, AWC, RYT
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March 13, 2017

Why are we teaching this workshop series?

In this busy society filled with cell phones, tv's, computers, and other technology we've lost our ability to still our minds and connect to our authentic selves. Our hope is that you will find your inner joy and reconnect with your truth by stilling your mind so the body can informs you how to heal.

1. How can Holistic Therapies re-wire our physiology?

Addresses the mind, the body, and spirit

Balances and awakens the energy flow of the body

Empower people with their own healing, health and wellness, and prevention

2. What are the Holistic Approaches we will be using in class:

Yoga/Ayurveda/CranioSacral Therapy

Meditation, Relaxation Techniques, and Guided Imagery

Group Therapy

Nutritional Counseling aligned w/ Chakra System

Energy Healing 



Plant Spirit Medicine

3. Freeing the mind from chatter can have positive effects on the body: This is how-

*Mind and How it affects the body by:

Thoughts affect Physiology 

Negative Thoughts, Beliefs, or Worry can create stress, increase Blood Pressure, lower Immune System, create Illness

Positive Thoughts can lower Blood Pressure, increase Immune System, create Wellness

Processing your Emotions 


4. Why can spiritual counseling enhance your life?

*Awareness of synchronicity

*Intuitive guidance

*Awareness of karma

*The power of prayer

*The ultimate sense of well-being

5. Tools we will be using in class to relax the nervous system:

*Yoga Poses/Pranayama

*Essential Oils

*Meditation Practices


*Acutonics/Tuning Forks

*Craniosacral Therapy

*Color Therapy

*Sound Healing (i.e. chant, tuning forks, chimes, toning, etc.)

See more on the upcoming workshop, Free Your Mind: Be still and Rewire with Mediation and Holistic Approaches with Mandy Lubas Kristin and Mandy.
March 26th a 6 week workshop series.


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