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Feel the Beat and the Burn!

Unique Miller
Published On
November 4, 2017

When I went to my first Spin class 10 years ago, I was so nervous! I had all of these negative thoughts in my head, “what if I can’t pedal fast enough?”  “I will die if the instructor yells at me!”  “Can I make it through the entire 45/60 minutes?!” When I heard the music, I knew after the first few classes that Spin was the right cardio for me. The music, the fun, and the great energy from class had me hooked.  

Fast forward 9 years later. I’ve been a spin instructor for a little over a year now and I absolutely love every moment. Not to toot my own horn, but I always get compliments on my music and how the time goes by so fast! And, of course, how much they worked up a sweat. I tell my spin students that I teach how I was taught. When I went to a spin class, I wanted to burn calories (of course!), build muscle, and overall stay healthy but I also wanted to have fun and hear great music. I wanted to look forward to coming, not drag my feet and look at the clock every 10 minutes.  

As a fellow spin instructor mentor told me, “It’s all about the music!” We are motivating people to create results. What a better way to motivate than with fun music? When I put my playlist together, I often try to put myself in the spinners mind and not view it as the instructor. What’s the tempo? Is it fast or slow? Can I “lose myself” but yet stay focused throughout? I want my spinners to feel like the class went by so fast because they didn’t get bored and had a sweaty yet entertaining sweat session.  How do I make that happen? With a good playlist!  

I listen to my Spotify on my way to and from work. When I hear a good song, I add it to my “spin playlist.” I will listen to my marked songs a few more times until I commit to using it for a class.   Once I have the song, I listen to the song over and over so I can get the timing right.

I spin to the beat of the music and I do this for a few reasons:  1. It makes it easier for most riders to move from one position to another which increases awareness.  2. It creates more of a structured flow - you feel the music, hear the music, and tune in creating a more enhanced experience overall.  3. It’s fun! I thoroughly enjoy watching riders bop to the beat, working hard, and enjoying the ride.  

For me spin is what you make of it. Yes, you can change your resistance, add sprints or jumps, but if the music isn’t gelling with you, you probably won’t come back to the class. Next time you go to a spin class, tune in and allow the music to get you where you want to be. Let’s ride!

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