Annakathryn Carlson
Published On
August 18, 2018

Hey all! Annakathryn here. As a yoga teacher, I am endlessly fascinated with the human body and regularly read anatomy texts in my leisure time!  I have also always been obsessed with all things aesthetic, art and fashion mainly. I spent many years painting abstracts, drawing figures and developing photographs in the darkroom.  Also I’m a recovering shop-a-holic!

As yoga became a bigger part of my life it also became my creative outlet. If you’ve taken my class you know my passion for using the body as a medium to express. Though under this organic expression is a solid foundation of alignment, kinetics and anatomy.  The technical process is as much of a passion as the creative. I do my best to balance those in each class I teach. 

A few years ago an idea came to me: to create artistic renderings of different body parts and print them on shirts in their correct-ish anatomical position. It would be a way to celebrate the human body and to educate others through fashion, art and design. It was all of my passions coming together! Earthly Bodies Apparel was born.

I have a small capsule collection out now with more designs in the works. My shirts are 100% organic cotton, super soft, and made in Los Angeles. 

Be on the look out for future pop-up shops at the studio! Until then you can check us out at

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