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Congratulations YS 5K Team!

Kelly Gerard
Published On
April 24, 2017

As I started out Yoga Sakti’s first 5k training program I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.   On our first run I met a reserved group of women in all different shapes and sizes but with one common goal – the desire to find enjoyment and sense of accomplishment with running. 

We talked about our upcoming 5k in April and how we should train without a goal for a time of completion.  Instead the goal is to find some joy while on the road.  There was no need to “kill it” and push ourselves to the extreme.  Instead, hit the pavement at your own pace and find that sweet spot where your mind is calm, your body is relaxed and you’re in a groove.  I then sent these ladies over the Beverly / Salem bridge to see what they had.  This first day was beautiful – almost 70 degrees on a February morning.  I was impressed with everyone’s positive attitude and seeing new friends connect and bond over the run.

The next couple of weeks were brutally cold in the single digits.  Now, I’m a fair-weather runner and won’t hesitate to call a run off if it’s raining, sleeting or extremely cold.  But, these ladies showed up, bundled to the max and hit the road smiling.  Not one complaint about the frigid air!

A few weeks into our runs things started to take a turn, we met up at one of our teammates houses so we could run the beautiful loop in her neighborhood.  After our run we shared coffee, banana bread and fruit together.  The following week was a repeat of the same.

It occurred to me that our group was connecting, enjoying each other and the runs. It feels amazing to have a sense of comradery with a group of women who share the same goals.

As race day approached I was truly excited and nervous for everyone.  For many of our teammates this was their first 5k ever! We donned our matching Yoga Sakti running shirts and headed to Ipswich on a perfect Saturdaymorning.

I was so proud watching the crew take off at the start line.   I rushed over to the finish line with my camera in hand so I could get video and pictures of everyone.  Our first runner came in in under 30 minutes!!  Such a great moment!  But the highlight of the entire session was when the last runner was spotted coming in and everyone in our group met her to cross the finish line together. 

This is what running is all about.  It’s not about how fast you are.  It’s about finding some joy on the road and connecting with and inspiring others who share your same vision.  Congratulations to my crew: Susan, Tina, Maureen, Trish, Shayla, Linda, Janet R., Janet W., Maria, Laura, Cindi, Sheila and Kamie.  I couldn’t be prouder!

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