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Holiday Challenge

Laura Goldstein
Published On
October 27, 2018

“The diet starts January 1st so I’ll have my fun until then.” .. Sound familiar?

Why set yourself up for a rocky start to the new year when you can enjoy yourself in moderation while keeping your waist in line as well!? This year we have a plan to get you through the holidays with a support system and without the guilt or food hangovers. It’s perfectly fine to enjoy a glass of wine, some good eats and the company of your family and friends. The issue that most run in to is portion control.  Knowing how to enjoy our favorite holiday goodies in moderation is the key to success!

This year I have created a 6 week holiday challenge called “Maintain Don’t Gain”. For this challenge you’ll be given a set of custom macros to maintain your current physique, 1 at home workout (per week), 1 healthy holiday recipe (per week), bi weekly weight checks, and access to our private challenge Facebook page.

The winner of this challenge for most involved participant will receive one free month of nutrition coaching with myself (NASM Nutritionist— $150 value).

Registration for the challenge is $50, sign-ups will be at the front desk or via email at

Health is wealth, invest in yourself!

NASM Nutritionist Laura Goldstein

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