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Biggest Loser Outdoor Bootcamp

Laura Goldstein
Published On
June 17, 2019

How often do you find yourself saying “but I work out , I should be seeing more results”!?

This is something I am frequently asked by people and my response is always ; “you can’t out train a bad diet”.  Exercise is half the battle, however if you’re not eating correctly and providing your body with the appropriate fuel it needs to operate successfully you’ll really struggle to see results.

This summer we have come up with a solution for that! Come join me, a **NASM Nutritionist, AFAA Personal Trainer and professional bodybuilder** for a four week

✂️Biggest Loser Outdoor Boot Camp

T‍hat consists of a twice a week 45 minute calorie torching boot camp AND comes with a basic weight loss meal plan. You will do weigh in both pre and post workshop beginning and ending to be able to track your progress through the four weeks. All who participate in this workshop with also be eligible for 10% off of custom nutrition packages to continue learning and making progress to reach your personal goals!

Boot camp will meet at Yoga Sakti every Monday/Wednesday 8:00-8:45am July 8th through July 31st.

Let’s reach those goals and learn how to apply healthy eating and exercise to ensure you longevity of life!

To register for a CUSTOM nutrition plan please email

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