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Moira Riccio
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April 20, 2019

When I first turned to Pilates, it was admittedly for an injury.  I was, after all, a cardio junkie at heart~running or cycling every day with friends.  Getting my cardio in was as important to me as brushing my teeth...had to grab those endorphins!  And then, when I ran a little too fast and scored a 3:23 time in the 2008 Lowell Marathon, I managed to win an award for my time but alas...hurt my hip & back.  Onward to yoga and spinning  in the months afterward but I just couldn't find a way to get rid of my pain.  They always say, "listen to your body."  I was too busy listening to four little kids and their needs to worry about myself.  But I finally took a break from cardio and, after some good physical therapy, I started to learn about the body and enrolled in the Northeast Pilates Education Center for courses in MAT, Reformer, Injuries & Special Precautions & other workshops.  I had found my new gig~slowing down my pace and strengthening from the inside out.  That Fall, I decided to run a local road race in my town the day after Thanksgiving.  I was nervous~I hadn't run in at least two years....   When I got to the second mile marker, the clock said "14:00" (minutes).  I was stunned.  I had been consistently teaching Pilates MAT & Reformer classes and preached, "Pilates will improve posture, flexibility & balance and work your muscles in the correct patterns etc..." but the final reason of "Pilates will make you bigger, better, stronger, faster" was proven that day at Patton Park.  I won the race in my age division.  Who knew?  Joseph Pilates knew....when you work your CORE you will build body awareness, take care of yourself and get all of these things.   Don't worry!  You don't have to take a break from your cardio but do yourself a favor and add in a Pilates-based CORE & Barre class into your routine...compliment your other workouts at Yogasakti.  You will be stronger & faster...promise.  As Joe Pilates himself said, "In ten sessions, you will feel the difference, in twenty sessions you will see a difference, & in third sessions you will have a whole new body!"  YES!  Check out this new class starting next Tuesday @ 7:30AM..."CORE MAT & BOOTY BURN". Why not see how it compares to other workouts and/or makes YOU stronger & faster on all the other things you do!  Go for it!

Sincerely,Moira Riccio


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