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Leah Goodman
Published On
September 28, 2016

This year Christos and I launched a new program, and not only did this badass tribe exceed all expectations, we made some great memories and life long friends. This tribe has so much stoke, enthusiasm, and excitement for SUP, it was a pleasure and honor to coach.  

And we want you to join us!!! 

Even though Sup is technically a sport where you compete against your friends, well in this tribe there is so much support and team work that you can’t help but high five each other when the race is said and done. You will see many friends and athletes photographed at the finish line with that exact same high five and smile full of stoke! Our tribe welcomes all levels so now let me recap and take you through our exciting season and Introduce you to the badass stokers that make up our race team. 

My husband, my right hand, the one who helps make all my crazy into a reality as well as kills it on the water himself. Toast is that paddler who reminds me of the kid in school who never studied, barely had to and yet always aced the test. He has the patience of a saint and there’s no one else who displays the amount of class and sportsmanship as an athlete and  coach. He is a natural and my hope is that both of us get some more water time next season because I am not a natural like him and have to work my tail  off!  I’ll catch him one day

We are currently working on our winter program for you, and filling in our 2017 race calendar. Want to join our tribe? 

All levels welcome, just shoot us an email at to learn how to join the team! 

Our only requirements is that you must be full of stoke! The rest of it leave up to me.

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