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Afternoon Sugar Cravings?

Laura Goldstein
Published On
October 22, 2018

We all know this too well, 3pm rolls around and we’re craving something sweet. We want that sugar boost to get us through the remainder of the day. Here’s some tips on how to revive yourself without processed sweets.

Did you know that sugar floods your brain with dopamine — a feel good hormone that actually makes your crave MORE sugar and creates a habit of doing so once you intake it ? Processed sugar and natural sugar are digested differently, don’t be fooled that all sugars are bad. The key is selecting natural sugar options and within moderation (always limit to ONE portion size ).

Foods with natural sugar such as berries (raspberries, blueberries and strawberries ) are some of the best food options when craving something sweet. They’re high in fiber so it doesn’t spike your insulin and are digested slowly so you feel satisfied.

Healthy fats help to control your blood sugar levels, curb your appetite due to the length it takes to break them down, and help with cognitive function (your brain is primarily made of fat).  A great example in moderation are nuts or nut butters.  Pairing a healthy fat with a high fiber veggie is the ultimate combination for curbing hunger. A high fiber vegetable such as celery and a tablespoon of nut butter is the ideal snack for a mid day pick-me-up!

Hope this helps to get you through the week! As always I am here for any nutritional questions or inquiries you may have at !

NASM Nutritionist Laura Goldstein

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