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Sweet Tooth got you hooked?

Laura Goldstein
Published On
August 27, 2018

Sugar can so often be what sabotages someone from being successful with their health and fitness goals. We never realize how important it is to make sure we are being conservative with our sugar intake. The average American consumes 22 grams of sugar daily! That’s almost 350 calories worth of sugar.

Added sugar and natural sugar are not created equally. Natural sugar contains fiber, vitamins and nutrients your body can utilize. Natural sugar is absorbed slowly in to the blood stream. This avoids the energy crash or feeling the need to sugar binge on whatever sweet sensation you can get your hands on. That is really sugar’s biggest downfall. It’s addicting! Once you have a little you want to have more. Added sugar is simply used to make things taste better. It doesn’t have any health benefits otherwise.

Some tricks to fulfilling your sweet cravings are seasonal fruit. Seasonal being the key! When a particular fruit is in season it is much sweeter/satisfying and crave quenching opposed to off season when it’s most likely smaller, bitter and less juicy. Adding cinnamon can also bring a ton of flavor to an item, a hint of sweetness and without any extra calories.

Cutting back on your sugar intake can be hard at first. However, once you do you may notice less sore muscles, joints and even a better working immune system. The icing on the cake (see what I did right there ) is dropping that unwanted belly weight, which is a solid victory.

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