Immersion & Level 1 200 Hour Teacher Training 2021

Deepen Your Practice

FAll 2021

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NYS offers gifted, and highly developed teachers with deep understanding,
vast knowledge, with inspiring and skillful application of their craft.
All levels welcome.

Heart -Integrity - Skill

Our intention is to provide an integral and profoundly transformative experience of Yoga in Study and Practice.

NSY offers gifted, and highly developed teachers with deep understanding, vast knowledge, with inspiring and skillful application of their craft.

Guiding candidates for training to nurture and manifest their full potential is what we do. This ensures that the respect and love for the Yoga Tradition will continue forward with purity, integrity, and gratitude.

Our faculty has the highest credentials with resumes and experience that exceed industry standards.
Internationally renown, revered and treasured locally, our teachers take a genuine interest in fostering the very best in each candidate and provide the means and support for the attainment of excellence and authenticity.

Here to serve the highest.

Immersion & Level 1 200 hr Teacher Training


Immersion can be taken seperatley If you do not wish to become a certified yoga teacher. The intention here is to move from being a strudent of weekly classes to a student of deeper understanding, more skilled ability, and a love for practice. This also supports those prepping for teaching.


36 Tattvas-Cosmology and

the Nature of the Universe.

Principles of Alignment

Level 1 & 2 syllabus

Yoga Philosophy


 Yoga Sutras

Subtle Body anatomy


We will explore themes of teaching and weaving in philosophy

Level 1. Teacher Training (Immersion required)

This is where we delve more deeply into advancing Asana practices.

Ancient teachings:

History of yoga


Subtle body anatomy (anatomy of energy movement) & application

Anatomy & physiology and kinesiology

Ethics based on the yoga sutras

Sanskrit - the language we use for poses

Ayurveda & application

The Practice:

Take master classes with the teachers



Learn to teach gentle/beginner, creative flow, alignment based, themed classes and restorative yoga


Intro to Restorative yoga

Conscious touch

The Body:

Anatomy & Physiology and kinesiology

trauma informed yoga

Special population students

Advanced poses
Anatomy and Physiology through the lens of functional alignment

Subtle Body

Advancing Practice- how to teach and do demonstrations in order to expand postural repertoire and best support safety and joy.


limited space available
A $500 deposit is required to reserve a spot




FAll 2021
To be detemined


Meet our instructors

Marc St Pierre

Marc St. Pierre is grateful to share his experience, skill, and passion as a teacher of Yoga. He has been doing so from Australia and Japan, to Germany and Belgium! Wanderlust, Yoga Aid, Maine Yoga Festival, Ram Dass's Maui Retreat are just a few of the events at which Marc had been invited to lead and share his love for yoga. As a teacher's teacher, and over 20 years experience. Marc excels in guiding his students in a potent yet humorous way to effectively experience the practice of yoga both on and off the mat. Marc teaches on the North Shore of Massachusetts and abroad.

Hilary Richard

Hilary Richard (ERYT 500) is a multi-modality skilled teacher who lives in Cape Ann. Her instruction inspires others to look at their own practice in a way that nourishes their particular body and needs. With a belief that teachers should not put out work that is one-size-fits-all only, she has done extensive research of the many variations in the body from ailments, bone/joint variation, etc. Hilary encourages her students to question everything, and to cultivate bodily intuition. Knowledge is power, and absolutism is ignorance. She has earned a lot of respect in the area through her thoughtful teachings.

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