30 Hour Fire Flow & Immersion

Fire up your practice and yourself!

July 16th - August 20th

Whether you're a student, aspiring teacher or already certified this immersion training is for you! Dive deeper into your power practice while also learning skills to create your own sequencing style that will keep your students coming back for more!

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Whether your goal is to strengthen your skills as a yoga instructor or to simply uncover new depths in your practice, this Fire Flow Immersion and Training is both a first-rate professional training program and powerful personal development course. Welcome to the first step in discovering the deep sense of purpose that unfolds from leading others as you gain full awareness in your life! Immerse yourself with a group of people who have similar goals that help you uplift, strengthen and inspire each other.  Learn how to strengthen your own practice, infuse your sequencing with unlimited creativity, and build a deeper sense of confidence in your practice and yourself. You will finish feeling like a rock star;  confident, connected and changed for the better.


July 16th - August 20th
Saturdays 12-4pm

July 16th 12-4

July 23rd 12 -4

July 30th 12-4

August 6th 12-4

August 13th 12-4

August 20th 12-4

Meet our instructors

Robyn Gimler

Robyn has been teaching yoga full-time for over 8 years both in California and now again back in her home state of Massachusetts. Her passion has always been creating a funky, challenging but also welcoming power flow class that is accessible for every body. She is a mental health advocate and found yoga back when her anxiety struggles were at their worst. She found her practice to be such a healthy addition to all the other things she had already been doing to care for her mental and physical health and this became a driving force behind her decision to get certified. Creating a space that is safe for every person regardless of where they are in life is the exact environment you can expect when you walk into one of her classes.


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