Evolve Teacher Training Level 2

Marc St. Pierre
Published On
December 10, 2019

There are lots of yoga teacher trainings out there that can, at best, get you on your feet to teach. But what do you truly know about advancing your students practices?

Or, how to help them avoid injury and expand their practice in a way that transforms the very way in which they engage and experience their lives?

The ‘Evolve Teacher Training Level 2 Intensive’ gets you there.
If you are ready to offer your students a superior class experience time and again, one that will enrich their lives and keep them coming back, this is the time for you to do just that.

This 5 day intensive is designed for those who are already teaching and want to get to the next level of expertise.
Become someone who does more than repeat a sequence but rather a true teacher, one who has the “know how” and ability to serve your students with excellence.

Led by Marc St Pierre who has over 20 years experience and trains teachers from Australia to Hawaii, and from Massachusetts to Germany and Belgium.

Marc’s ability to weave yoga philosophy with precise and artful nuanced cueing is unparalleled in the region.
Let Marc’s skill help you to reveal the teacher you always wanted to become.

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